My Husband Wanted To Lose 40 lbs

Today my husband hit his 40 lb loss goal.  He started this weight loss journey right after Christmas.  I am so proud of him and I just wanted to share.   He hasn’t done it with a fad diet or anything like that.  He just started eating the same things I do along with portion control.  It pains me to say, but he also didn’t really exercise until recently.  He wanted to add years to his life, but even just his overall being is more alive now.  I love it.  He has more energy and wants to go out and do things.  My husband now enjoys great food instead of junky stuff.  I just wanted to share.  Big shout out to the hubs!  I love you…(this is a test to see if my husband reads my blog. Lol just kidding…kind of) 🙂

This comic doesn’t have much to do with weight loss, but since the 4th of July is just around the corner I thought it was fitting.



  1. beautea97 | 2nd Jul 14

    CONGRATULATIONS to your Mr.!!! That is awesome… Best wishes for a Happy 4th to you and your family 🙂

    • Half Crazy Mama | 3rd Jul 14

      Thank you! I hope you and your family have a wonderful 4th as well 🙂

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