My husband joined me on my 6 mile run today…on his bike.

Today is Runner’s World Run Streak day 24 and I ran 6 miles.  What made those 6 miles different from any other 6 miles I have ever ran is that my husband rode his bike along with me!  This has never happened before.

bike ride


  • My husband was actually riding his bike.
  • We got to spend time together.
  • My husband carried my water for me on his bike.
  • I pushed my pace a little since I had a person on a bike to keep up with, which was actually nice for my speed.


  • I felt bad for my husband who did more coasting then pedaling since we were running on a really flat surface.
  • He was following behind me most of the time since there was a decent amount of people out on the paved trail.

The Pros definitely outweighed the Cons.  He followed me around like a cute little puppy. 😉

bike ride behind

I am, and always have been, a solitary runner.  I don’t NOT like running with people, I just really enjoy the “me” time of running by myself.  I like to listen to my music and be alone with my thoughts instead of talking to whomever I’m running with.  Another reason is that I feel bad if I feel like I am running to slow for them or the flip side of running to fast for them.  I was a little worried for these reasons for running with my husband on his bike.  It actually was super nice.  I still wore my headphones and popped one out to talk to him occasionally.  He also liked just riding quietly and thinking.  All and all we will definitely do it again.

We also saw these super cute little baby ducks 🙂

babu ducks

Do you prefer to run alone?


  1. beautea97 | 19th Jun 14

    Dear hubs and I start out together and after a fashion he takes off ahead of me. He swings back around and finds me and we run some again together, but this affords us both a little me time. I really enjoy getting in to my music on my long runs!!! True story… Hubs started out riding with me on his bike and look at him now!!! Yours will be the same before long too!!!!

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