How’s Your Marathon Training Going?

runIt is check in time!  Are you training for a half or full marathon?  How is it going?  I have been super great the last 3 weeks.  I’ve been logging my miles.  My body feels great.  To be honest though next week I am traveling and that is where I usually run into problems (no pun intended).  I will probably get a couple runs in on the hotel treadmill, but let’s face it, when you are at Disneyland you are walking a lot and getting up extra extra early isn’t the first thing you want to do.  I’m determined to not lose my momentum though.  

I would love to hear other peoples struggles?  Is it when you travel?  Is it just a rut you fall in?  Is it when you are working to much?  

Does anyone want to share any tips that they find help them?


  1. Sam | 8th Aug 15

    Great to hear your training is going well! I’m training for the Lululemon SeaWheeze next weekend, the Dumbo Double Dare and finally the Chicago Marathon. I don’t normally have motivation problems when training because I’m usually motivated to do my best. If I miss runs, it’s because I’m feeling a bit sore and I always think I might make it worse by running. It’s probably not true. I totally understand how travel messes up your training schedule though. Even if you pack your gear and have the best intentions, sometimes it just doesn’t happen. Maybe you need to pretend your trip is another runcation and schedule your training runs at specific times just like a race schedule instead of trying to squeeze them in somewhere.

    Right now I do have a problem motivating myself to finish making my Disney running costumes though! I get stuck at one step and then walk away for days before I go back to figure it out. It’s kind of like having writer’s block. Making running costumes isn’t always intuitive to me.

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