How To Tell If You Are Losing Fat Or Water Weight

Some diets are extreme, but will have you shedding a lot of water weight, and not losing fat. You need to know the difference and be aware of it. diet tape measure

Science has advanced to such an extent now that there seems to be a solution for everything. Have you ever heard of something called body fat percentage monitor? Let us just call it the BFP monitor. It is like an ordinary weigh scale, but will tell you how much of your body weight is actually body fat and not muscle.

Whatever your age or whatever your weight level there is no miracle or fad diet that can help you unless you have a routine that combines a sensible meal plan and an exercise regimen that compliments your body type.

The key to losing weight is having a good well balanced meal, which includes all the primary food groups, carbohydrates, proteins and fat and a healthy exercise plan. Yes, I also said carbs. Carbs are equally essential part of your diet. Carbohydrates are the energy store houses and proteins help build muscle, fat provides the necessary cushioning for your vital organs in your body.

While this is so, hydrating your body is primary too because all food groups need some amount of water to function at their optimum level. In any diet it is the water that you lose first and with water you lose muscle, and muscle is the fat burning machine of the body. So in essence when you deprive your body of certain foods you are dehydrating your body’s water retention mechanism that is essential for various functions in your body. so even if you drink a lot of water it may not be of real use. lost weight jeans too big

Try this simple method, BFP monitors are not all that expensive and are worth your money as opposed to a regular bathroom scale. Check your weight at the beginning of the program for body fat percentage. Go on a healthy diet and exercise plan and see if you can incorporate a training method that helps build lean muscle and gets rid of body fat mass. See the difference once you step on your scale after a few months. Do not panic if you weigh more (because muscle has three times the mass of fat) but check the body fat percentage and you will know that you are burning fat instead of losing water weight.

In building muscle you are turning your body into a fat burning machine that works round the clock. Weight lost this way is not going to come back, but if you were on a fad diet then that weight comes right back and if am not mistaken for most of those who have tried it, they may even be putting on more weight than what they started off with initially.

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