How To Keep The Spark Alive…With Fitness

I think we all have our slumps.  We get a little bored with our routines.  It gets to predictable.  I’m referring to running the same trail or treadmill, doing the same weight workout day in and day out, or going to the same step class over and over.  How do you keep the spark alive in your romance with activeness?

I’m super shy, believe it or not, so trying new classes is always a push to step out of my comfort zone.  That is where all the amazing things happen though, outside of your comfort zone.  When I start to get bored in monotonyville I start to search for things that are different.  Different trails in the area, different classes offered, different ways to be active.

These are some of my favorite things I have found that put some sizzle back in my routine:

The Dailey Method- It is a barre style class.  If you don’t have The Dailey Method in your area you might look for Purre Barre, Barre Method, or any other barre style classes.  I find that being a runner, the stretching I do in the class helps me tremendously.

Find a running club or group- Lululemon near me has a group that meets weekly.  I think they all might have them or check your local running store.  I always thought I loved running by myself, which I do, but it is fun to run with people to get a good laugh, hear some fun stories, or find out about a new race.

Surfset- This is a new exercise class that is offered at my gym and various gyms in the country.  It is a class on surfboard type equipment that works on balance, cardio, and core.  If you don’t have this class there are tons of other “novelty” type classes all over.  Have fun and try something new.

Kickboxing- So every now and than it is really fun to kick and hit things.  It helps work off some stress and boredom.

Find a new running location- I found an amazing trail 15 minutes from me that I had never run before and it was BEAUTIFUL!  It renewed my energy.  Go find somewhere new outdoors to wake up your spirit a little.

Yoga- Touching base with my breathing, balance, and body in a good yoga class always helps my mental well being.

Hot Pilates- I love a good sweat and this class certainly provides that.  Pilates is a little misleading.  It is more of a boot camp class in a bikram hot room.  Think mountain climbers, burpees, side planks, jump squats, back dancing, all while sweating your bum bums off.  If not Hot Pilates try bikram or another hot class to sweat out the boredom.

New pair of running shoes- A new pair of great running shoes is always fun.  It puts a little spring back in your step.

A personal training session-  Going regularly can get very pricey, but one session every now and than can help you get a new routine or learn that new scary looking machine that you are intimidated by.  You can ask questions and learn a new circuit to spice it up a bit.

What do you do to keep the love alive with your fitness?