How to Celebrate Your Individuality On Race Day


So you are a runner in a huge sea of people, all sharing the same goal of finishing the race.  Some people just wear the race shirt. It is easy and given to you.  Others just want to blend in and be running “wallpaper”.  I say celebrate you individuality!  You will thank me for it.


Some of my best races have been when I’ve worn bright colors, fun prints, and running “costumes”.  I put all of these things together with just finding normal running clothes in eye catching patterns or colors.  I sometimes accessorize a little.  (Just incase you haven’t been a regular reader this might be an understatement.)  I’m often asked where I find the clothes that I use for my races, FYI has a great selection of running gear in bright colors and fun prints.  



Do you want to know why the races in these fun outfits have been my best?  Because the spectators notice you and cheer you on.  That encouragement makes a world of difference.  You suddenly feel like an individual in this big sea of people.  


Take your training runs off the beaten path and search for individuality.

Sometimes I put my name on my shirt for a race.  Instead of just being another runner to all the spectators I become “Go Emelia!  You are awesome!”.  That is so much better than yet another person telling me “You’re almost there girl!” when I haven’t even hit the halfway point.  Everyone is capable of setting themselves apart on race day.  If you watch the crowd of runners around you they come in all sizes, shapes, pace groups, and running styles.  We are all individuals…celebrate it!  Occasionally I get asked if I am ever embarrassed to wear the fun race day clothes and my answer is always no.  Sometimes I feel a little goofy, but never embarrassed.  I get so much more encouragement then if I just blended in.  That encouragement makes me go out there and kick some extra asphalt.  


Why be ordinary when you can show your individuality? Embrace it!  Show it off!  These things are what make us unique.  The Zappos Bay to Breakers is such a huge iconic race that brings all sorts of people together to run in San Francisco.  The Zappos Bay to Breakers is this weekend and that inspired me to encourage each and everyone one of you to celebrate your individuality.  If you know anything about the Bay to Breakers it is probably that it has a reputation for being crazy.  The Bay to Breakers celebrates all sorts of runners and you should do that same! sells shoes, clothing, accessories and more.  They always have fast and free shipping and a free 365 day return policy, which is why I order from

How do you celebrate your individuality on race day?

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  1. Amy @ Running on Faith and Coffee | 14th May 15

    I love wearing bright colors, not only to race but for training!

    • Half Crazy Mama | 15th May 15

      Me too! There is something about training runs that make it that much more enjoyable while wearing fun colors. I also like that cars can see me better 🙂

  2. Lauren (@pinkonthecheek) | 17th May 15

    I love your running skirts!! I am sure you look fabulous in them on race day 🙂

    • Half Crazy Mama | 17th May 15

      Thank you!!! 🙂 I definitely am a big fan or run skirts.

  3. Ellen | 16th Jan 16

    Can you link the running gear you have posted here? Specifically the skirts?

    • Half Crazy Mama | 19th Jan 16

      The running skirts are all Lululemon, but from a couple years ago. 🙂

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