How I Made My Buzz Lightyear Running Costume

I have had quite a few people ask me to write a post about how I made my Buzz Lightyear running costume I wore for the Walt Disney World Half Marathon that was part of my Dopey Challenge 2016. Without further ado…here you go!

FullSizeRenderFirst step, anytime you are making a running costume I always recommend “building it” on top of real running clothes.  So I started this costume with a white running , wicking, tank top.

Buzz_LightyearI pull up a picture of the character online to give me an idea for the placement of everything and then go to work.  Some of the costumes I make I sew on the pieces because they are easier to remove if I want to use the clothes again.  Other costumes I use my hot glue gun.  Hot glue will stick fabric to fabric beautifully, but fair warning, it will never come off!  My hot glue gun is my best friend.  I even travel with it in my suitcase.  (I wish I was joking, but I’m not).

buzz lightyear running costume
See my feet? Everything starts either laid out flat before I glue it on to the costume or it starts on my dressform (sewing mannequin) before I sew it on.

I laid out the felt for the top of the Buzz Lightyear shirt on my table as I cut out the pieces.  Once I had that all laid out I started to glue it on to the tank.  

546960C5-257D-42EF-A21D-E76B7C792BE4The tutu I made the traditional way: elastic band, a roll of tulle cut into strips, loop around elastic.

FullSizeRenderPull the 2 ends through the loop.

FullSizeRenderPull tight and push all the strips together on the elastic as you go.

FullSizeRenderVoila, instant tutu!

I wore a Sparkle Athletic purple visor with it and I was done!  Pretty simple right?  It is really easy to make a costume, but it is the time it takes to make it that is tough.  Plan ahead! One last tip, keep in mind the weather.  See in this picture how hot and sweaty I look?  That is because Florida tends to be hot and humid.  When making a costume keep in mind how many miles and in what kind of weather you need to wear it in.  I always tend to go with tank tops, so just because careful of long sleeves and too much fabric. Good luck and I will see you out there on the course!78C7B0F8-EE35-485C-B308-F8A25E5B3926Need some running costume inspiration?  Here are some more of my posts with running costume ideas:

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  1. beautea97 | 22nd Aug 16

    So cute!!! Thanks for the instructions and tips…

    • Half Crazy Mama | 26th Aug 16

      I think this was one of my favorite costumes 🙂

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