How Do I Find A Race To Run?

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Whether you are a beginner or have been running for years, sometimes finding the right race to run can be a challenge. Here are some tips on how to find a race for you to run.

Local Running Store

Local running stores are a great place to find out about local races. They often have a bulletin board or fliers advertising local races. You can also ask because most local running stores know a lot about running groups and races in the area. 

Facebook Groups

There are so many running Facebook groups. Some are specifically just for virtual races, and some even for sharing discount codes for races. Not all of them are fantastic, but look around and try to find one you like. Ladies, I have a Facebook Group called Women’s Running Community and it is a great place for running advice and motivation if you want to join. Click here to join.

Running in the USA

This is my favorite website to search for races because you can search by area. It lists both small and large races and has links to the race websites. If I am traveling somewhere I check here to see if there are any fun races in that area when I will be there. Check our here. 

Ask Your Friends

There are a ton of times I find a race just by word of mouth. Don’t be afraid to ask your friends or write a Facebook post asking, “hey, anyone know of any races in the area?”. Often times this is how I find out about races that I wouldn’t otherwise know about, like a local charity run or a 5k put on by a business. 


Start following more runners on Instagram. They tend to share what races they are signed up for or when registration for a certain race is set to open. This might open your eyes to races you didn’t even know about. How do you find runners on Instagram to follow? Try searching hashtags like #RunnersOfInstagram, #RunningCommunity or #RunningBlogger.  people running down a street

Signup For Email Updates From Races

Signing up for the email list of races will help you know when the race is happening and when registration opens, but they also tend to email you about other upcoming races too. This can help you fill up your running calendar quickly. Go to their website and most will have a prop to signup for their list.

I hope this helps you find a race that you didn’t know about. The running community is so amazing and I have made so many friends by just putting myself out there and going to a new race. Good luck and have fun running!

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