House Hunting is Tougher than Marathon Training

We initially moved into the home we live in now as a temporary thing.  Meanwhile 3 years later we are still here and now it is time to move.  We have looked at a ton of houses, 99% of which just isn’t the right situation for our family.  With a dog and 3 year old I would like a certain amount of space and a good neighborhood.

Looking at houses, driving past houses, looking online at new listings daily is exhausting.  I will take a 20 mile training run over this any day! haha

We found one that would work really well for us.  Fingers crossed and prayers being said we are hoping to hear back either today or tomorrow.  We weren’t the only ones looking at it though, not by a long shot.  I tell myself that things happen for a reason and if it wasn’t meant to be than we will go back to the drawing board.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Monday!