If I Want An Honest Opinion I Ask My 3 Year Old

Kids are so honest.  My daughter says some of the cutest things that when I’m having a bad day it just cheers me right up.  She tells me whatever is on her mind and exactly what she thinks about everything around.  Here are some of my favorites.

I was making lunch for all of us the other day and asked Lily if she wanted a grilled cheese sandwich and as she was thinking my husband chimed in and said that he wants one.  My daughter looked shocked and said “Deedee you can’t have a GIRL cheese sandwich, you’re a boy!  You have to have a boy cheese sandwich.”  So cute.

I love when my 3 year old comes home from school and tells me “Mama, I don’t yike boys, I yike ponies”  I hope when she is 14 she still feels that same way.

She is also my style expert.  She either tells me that I look like a beautiful fairy princess (that means my outfit is GREAT!)  or that I look like a stinky man (that means I should probably consider changing my clothes.)

My daughter calls my husband (and her father) Deedee instead of daddy, always has so we just call him Deedee now too.  My husband keeps his hair buzzed super short (plus he might be a little thin on top 🙂 ) My daughter always tells him “Deedee you don’t have any hair!”  The other day she didn’t want to brush her hair, so I told her that everyone brushes their hair even Deedee.  She said that Deedee doesn’t have any hair.  My husband bent down and said “See look Deedee has hair.  It is just really short.”  My 3 year old than got an up close look at my husbands neck and part of his back and exclaimed “Deedee!  I found your hair!  It’s on your back!”  Oh my goodness I died laughing.  My husband not so much.  haha

My daughter was cuddling in my husbands lap watching Monsters Inc and out of the clear blue says “Deedee you smell like chicken.”  This is especially funny since my daughter won’t eat chicken and has only tried it once and my husband had not ate nor been around chicken in days.

The most embarrassing was probably the time we were at a hotel and Lily and I were waiting for an elevator and the only other people there was a couple that kissed good bye and the woman got in the elevator with us.  Now, the couples age difference was probably at least 15 years and my daughter in the quiet elevator says to me “Mama where did her daddy go?  Why didn’t her daddy get in the elevator with her?”  The woman looked awkwardly around the elevator.  I didn’t really know what to say so I just said “I don’t know honey.”  In all fairness my husband and my age difference is pretty large, so no judgement 🙂

When she is playing and just randomly stops and looks and me and tells me “You’re the best, mom.  You’re my hero.  I love you so much.”  It melts my heart.

Do you have any favorite honest kid moments?




  1. Carli | 26th Jul 13

    So cute! It’s sweet that she has a different name than dad. Makes him special. 🙁

    • Carli | 26th Jul 13

      Oops! Wrong smiley!

  2. Carli | 26th Jul 13

    So cute! It’s sweet that she has a different name than dad. Makes him special. 🙂

  3. Bonnie | 26th Jul 13

    Love all of these! Your daughter sounds like such a cutie.

    • Half Crazy Mama | 26th Jul 13

      Thank you Bonnie. She is pretty hilarious. 🙂

  4. Nadine | 26th Jul 13

    Your daughter sounds like a hoot!! Especially the “hair” story…lol! My niece was over the other day, also 3 yrs old, and we were walking down stairs and she says, “Auntie, why is your house so dirty?” I chuckled to myself. When I told my mother, who had been here for a week and cleaned every inch of my house before this comment, we both rolled on the floor laughing!!!

    Truth from the mouthes of babes. Gotta love ’em.

  5. Kristen @ The Smith Summary | 26th Jul 13

    Lilly sounds like my 5 year old; always speaks her mind!!

  6. tiffanybluegirl23 | 29th Jul 13

    My son (10) says some of the funniest things as well. There are times people misunderstand that he doesn’t mean anything by what he says, he’s just saying things how he sees it. One day it was time to get ready for swim practice and I told him to go get his jammer on. “Momma they are JAMMERS plural not jammer singular.” with a chuckle I replied, “You realize I call them your JAMMER because I know it bugs you right?” Walking away from me with he says, “Yeah just like I do and say things on purpose to bug you.” Your story about “grill cheese” reminds me of how he couldn’t say girl so he called them “grills”. Oh and I am not a grill I am a momma.

    • Half Crazy Mama | 29th Jul 13

      That is so cute! Kids are so funny and honest. Sometimes brutally honest. haha

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