Homemade Frozen Yogurt

My family and I are huge frozen yogurt fans.  I now make it at home so I have control about what goes in it.  Many store bought frozen yogurts are packed with sugar.  Making it at home is simple and all you need is just 3 ingredients.

photo 1

I use my Vitamix and combine the following:
1 cup fruit
1 cup plain nonfat yogurt

Be sure not to over blend though because it will cause it to melt.  If the fruit is frozen you need less ice than if the fruit is fresh.  As you blend it should stiffen up quickly.  If it seems to thin then you should add more ice to make it the consistency of frozen yogurt and not a smoothie.

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For this batch I used frozen mixed berries, but fresh fruits such as bananas, berries and apples are delicious.  Apple frozen yogurt is one of my favorites.  Remove the skin and use different varieties of apples for the best flavor.  I use plain nonfat yogurt which makes the frozen yogurt quite tart.  If you want it to be sweeter you can use vanilla or flavored yogurt.  If you just want to sweeten it try agave nectar or honey.  It is a simple dessert and a much healthier choice for you family. Enjoy!

Have you ever made homemade frozen yogurt?


  1. Kristen @ The Smith Summary | 16th Apr 14

    That looks so yummy! I need to get a mixer that can tackle fro yo.

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