Holiday Party Turkey Sandwiches With the Help of Lucky Supermarket BOGO Meat Sale- #FreshFinds


I love when Lucky Supermarket has a great sale on meat.  Right now Lucky Supermarket is having a buy one get one free mix and match meat sale.  I love fresh finds!

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You can mix and match turkey, cross rib roast, pork butt and ham!!! Seriously, I did a happy dance when I saw this because I have 3 holiday parties to cook for.

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A lot of people just think of turkey or roasts as a formal sit down meal, but it doesn’t have to be!  When you are entertaining a lot of people and need to feed them without doing a full sit down meal this recipe is perfect.  It is thanksgiving on a roll.

A lot of people are intimidated about roasting a turkey, but don’t be.  It is very easy, I promise.  For this recipe it doesn’t even matter what the turkey looks like because you are going to cut it up anyways.

What you need:

1 turkey breast

1 onion

1 package stuffing

1 can cranberries (either jelly or whole)

1 package dinner rolls

1 tbsp butter

Cut the onion in half and place inside turkey.  Rub with a little butter and season.  I just use salt, pepper and garlic salt.  Roast the turkey breast for required time.  For my 6 lb turkey breast I roasted it for 3.5 hours, but on the tag if will give you a per pound breakdown of how long to cook.

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Slice the turkey.

Cook stuffing (even using Stovetop works fine if you don’t want to make homemade).

Open cranberry sauce.

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Cut the rolls in half.  Place turkey, stuffing and cranberry on the roll.  You can secure with a toothpick if you would like.

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You can vary this idea however you want.  My husband loves them with turkey, cranberry, lettuce and mayo.  Since Lucky Supermarket is having a buy one get one mix and match meat sale the beef roast or ham would make delicious sandwiches too!

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I love finding easy ways to feed lots of people at a party without having to do a full sit-down meal.  I even had a little fan when I made the sandwiches.

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Want to find out more #FreshFinds from Lucky Supermarket?  Stay up to date with Lucky’s on their social media.

Are you intimidated by roasting a turkey?  What are some of your favorite turkey recipes?

I was compensated for this post, but all opinions and recipes are always my own.


  1. Kristen @ The Smith Summary | 19th Nov 13

    Yes, I am definitely intimidated by roasting a turkey! I let my husband use the oil-less fryer last year, might let him do it again this year too 🙂

    • Half Crazy Mama | 19th Nov 13

      Kristen, don’t be intimidated! I promise it is easy. If you can turn on the oven than you can definitely roast a turkey.

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