I HEART Inspiring Moms

There is no doubt that being a mom is the most amazing job on the planet.  It is often an emotional roller coaster.  Usually a little messy.  Sometimes you are paid with 1,673 kisses.  Other times you may feel like locking yourself in the pantry for a good cry.  I think all moms can agree though that there is no other job on the planet like it.  

Being a mom can sometimes be a thankless job that makes days seem to last forever.  Then some days you wonder where the time has gone?  As soon as you are a mom you join the unspoken secret sisterhood of the mamas.  Suddenly you have lightbulb moments!  Like that time years ago when you saw the random mom at a grocery store in her sweat pants, no makeup, and coffee stains on her shirt.  The lightbulb moment comes and you realize that she probably had to move mountains that day just to get to the grocery store with her kids.  You thought that would never be you…but it is sometimes.  All moms have their moments and that is only apparent to people in the unspoken secret sisterhood of mamas.  Even the moms that seem absolutely utterly Pinterest style perfect have their moments.  I promise…scouts honor.

I don’t feel like we pat each other on the back often enough.  Next time you see “that” mom at the grocery store compliment her on her on something…anything…like the color of her hair, maybe her shoes, or even how awesome her kids are.  We can all use that every now and then.


I am at the airport waiting for my plane to head home from the Mom 2.0 Summit.  I have been to conferences before, but this one for some reason felt different to me.  I felt like we all understood each other.  I never once felt guilt for being somewhere to further my business and didn’t have my family with me.  I never once felt judgment for the second glass of champagne I had at the evening party.  I never got the blank stare when I was talking to someone about a crazy thing my daughter did and that is because everyone (except for about 6 men) were part of the unspoken secret sisterhood of mamas.  We come from all walks of life, all parts of the country, all socioeconomic statuses, all different “niche” topics, but yet we all had some sort of understanding for one another.  

I want to thank each and every single one of the people at Mom 2.0 Summit for this.  You were all (expect for maybe about 6 of you) so welcoming, inclusive, and kind.  I wish the world could learn less judgement and more encouragement on all levels.  Not to be too cliche, but Molly Ringwald spoke in her keynote that we should “celebrate our differences and be curious about the world.”  I think these last couple days I experienced this in amazing ways.  Thank you for renewing my spirit and reenergizing my mind, so I can go home and tackle being a mom and having fresh inspiration for this awesome “work” I get to do.  

Let’s go into this world and remember to be kind.  We are all human.  Just don’t cut me off on the freeway 😉