Healthy Snacking With Only 100 Calories #sp

This post is sponsored by Yoplait, by my love for their Greek 100 yogurt option is all my own.

After the holidays I was determined to start the new year out by getting back to my healthy eating.  No more snacking on high calorie foods all day long.  One of the best ways I have found to stay full between meals is with Yoplait Greek Yogurt that is only 100 calories.  


I love to top Yoplait Greek 100 with berries for a sweet treat.  This quenches my sweet tooth while being healthy.

FullSizeRenderAnother snack I love is chopping some almonds and topping my Yoplait Greek 100 with them.  The crunch that the almonds add is delicious.  

FullSizeRenderBoth of these makes great snacks under 150 calories! For more 150 calories or less snack hacks check out this great Pinterest board.  Lots of great ideas that will help you stay on track to eating healthy. Some yummy ideas include Banana-Nut Coconut Yogurt Bowl and Cherry-Pistacio & Chocolate Yogurt Bowl.

Yoplait Greek 100 Yogurt is only 100 calories and has 10-12 grams protein with 0% fat.  Yoplait Greek 100 comes in 20+ flavors.  For breakfast I love Strawberry Yoplait Greek 100.  Key Lime and Blackberry Pie are some of my favorite flavors to enjoy as a dessert.  

Tell me which one of the 150 calorie Snack Hacks from the Pinterest board sounds amazing to you or share your favorite yogurt snack hack.


  1. Sam | 17th Jan 15

    I love this post! I always buy plain Greek yogurt and add my own ingredients to flavour it and control the amount of added sugar. It usually consists of the following:
    – sliced almonds (I like the Mariani brand that you can find at Costco sometimes)
    – frozen berries because as they thaw out, the juices flavour the yogurt
    – milled flax seed
    – unsweetened dried cranberries

    I also like to eat a concoction affectionately known as Holy Crap (which is an actual product!). It consists of the following blend:
    – 1 part chia seeds (1 tablespoon is probably plenty)
    – 1 part hemp seeds
    – 1/2 part buckwheat
    – raisins
    – cranberries
    – dried apple bits (I use fresh apple cubes)
    – dash of cinnamon

    To make it, add about a half cup of water or milk and let it sit for five minutes. It’s done absorbing once the chia seeds turn translucent and you can tip the bowl sideways without anything falling out. Then add the Greek yogurt, berries and sliced bananas. Mix it all together and it’ll look gorgeous and taste stunningly delicious!

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