Heading Back to CA

It has been a nice week in Florida.  We had a chance to visit family that lives here.  I got some nice runs in.  My whole family had a great time for a couple days at Disney World.  Now we pack up and head back to reality, a.k.a. home 🙂


I finished the trip with a nice 7.5 mile run along the coast today and I have a nice little sunburn to show for it.  It was a toasty 84 degree mid afternoon run, but I really enjoyed feeling the ocean breeze.


Tomorrow will consist of the 2 hour drive from where we are at the coast to the Orlando Airport.  Then there will be 2 flights before we make it home to CA late a night.

See you all back on the West Coast!


  1. Leslee | 7th Apr 14

    Safe travels! Florida looked gorgeous ♥

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