A Very Happy 4th Birthday to My Beautiful Liliahna Grace


photo 4Four years ago I woke up, 34 weeks pregnant and had no idea I would be meeting you today Lily.  I went in for my normal doctor’s appointment and they sent me straight to the hospital.  A couple hours and an emergency C-section later I got to meet you for the first time.  The first thing I said to you when they first showed you to me was “You have the tiniest nose I have ever seen.”  You weighed in at 3 lbs 15 oz and all the nurses in the NICU called you their “pocket baby” because you were absolutely perfect, just super tiny.


I spent 7 nights in the hospital and you spent 13 because you were so tiny you couldn’t keep yourself warm.  You never once needed a feeding tube or oxygen though.  I remember looking at you, this tiny little baby inside the incubator, and one of the NICU nurses came over and said ” She’s a feisty one.  That is a good thing for a preemie.” I didn’t understand how such a tiny little baby could be called feisty, but now I understand completely.  You have a drive, persistence, strong will and determination which makes you so feisty.  You also are blessed with compassion, imagination, vision, love, beauty and understanding.  I love you so much and I am so proud to be your mom.

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Happy 4th birthday my little monkey, my pocket baby, Lily Beanz, Wilbur, Pirate Fantasmic and all the other nicknames we have given you my amazing Liliahna Grace.



  1. Leslee | 25th Mar 14

    What a teeny little one! What a blessing she is indeed… Happy Happy Birthday sweet girl!

  2. Kristen @ The Smith Summary | 25th Mar 14

    Aww, so sweet!!! Happy birthday Lily!!!

  3. Holly | 28th Mar 14

    Happy birthday to her! The photo with your ring around her fingers really shows just how tiny she was!

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