So this happened…

My ankle.  This is not what it normally looks like.  It is swollen, stiff and probably a mild sprain.

I ran the Summit Rock trail race yesterday, but that is not how this happened.  My ankle was probably slightly stressed already from the trail running, but it didn’t hurt.  I was bending over and my daughter took a running leap at me and I fell and not gracefully. I knew immediately.  I dug out my ankle brace and started RICE (Rest. Ice. Compression. Elevation) Fingers crossed this is a quick heal because Dopey Challenge is in less than a month!

The good news is that I can put all my weight on it just fine, it is definitely stiff moving is certain ways though.

Who else is on the DL with me?


  1. Cyanne (RunStretchGo) | 16th Dec 13

    I’ve been out for 4 days while I let my antibiotics start working. I’m doing WDW Marathon, my first full, and am worried about missing so many days, including a long run 🙁

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