Half Marathon Training Tips: How to Properly Prepare

Half marathon training is not as bad as you might think. However, if you want to be a serious runner, it does take commitment and it will get tough. It’s the same with anything you have to train for, but in the end, it’s all worth it. A half marathon is 13 miles If you’ve never run a half marathon before, you will need to boost your stamina and get into peak running condition. There are some basic elements to training for a half marathon that everybody should follow. Here are some quick tips to set you up for success at your first race.   training for a half marathon

Training Length

The amount of time that you should give yourself prior to the race is about 3- 3 1/2 months. That is sufficient for half marathon training if you remain committed and you don’t sustain any injuries. However, if you want to allow for Murphy’s Law, you should give yourself about 4 months to train. That’s ideal, but definitely don’t try to train for a marathon that is less than 2 months away unless you have plenty of experience. Target 12-14 weeks.


3 times a week and moving up to 4 times

When you know how much time you have to train before the race, start your weekly practice schedule. You will want to start out running three times a week and then move up to four practice sessions over time. Do this as you build your stamina, Just like proper nutrition during training, you need to adjust your training schedule to meet the demand and what your body is capable of. You should always be pushing. running sunset

Start Strong

Get some basic training under your belt before you start working toward a race longer than a 5K. If you really aren’t used to running 3 miles, you need to concentrate on getting comfortable with that first. That is the level you should be starting at once you begin training for a half marathon. 3 miles is a good starting point to build off of as you prepare to attempt 13.

Ten Mile Practice Run

What you will be achieving during your half marathon training is 10 miles in one run. This is the part of your week called the long run. It’s a part of your routine that also incorporates cross-training. The Long-run will get steadily longer and build to a maximum of ten miles. You do not need to get to 13 miles in training. 10 miles is plenty of preparation, especially if you can do it comfortably in about 90 minutes.


Take a Rest Day After a Long Run

An important component to your half marathon training is what you do the day after a long run. You need to rest. Resting is key to keeping yourself from overworking your body. It also helps you stay motivated. If you push too hard early on in your training, you will lose the drive it takes to propel forward. take your half marathon training one week at a time and remember to warm up and cool off with each and every run.

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