Golfing On Vacation

Thank you to Adidas Golf with FitFluential for sponsoring this post.  All opinions are always my own.  

Most of you have followed along with my golf journey over the last few months.  I had a few lessons, lots of driving range practice, and my family and I played our first full round together.  It has been so great being able to play a sport together that no matter what level we are each at, it is still fun for all of us.  

Recently we took a 2 week trip to the southern states.  While staying on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina we were able to golf again.  It was a great addition to our vacation.  We packed our golf gear knowing we would get this opportunity.  Little Monkey even got to drive the golf cart for a little bit.  

Being able to do something like golf as a family just brought us closer together on the vacation.  It was also a great way to see the area we were visiting.  We saw alligators in the water and whooping cranes hanging out along the course.  

Thank you again to Adidas Golf for enabling me to take lessons and learn the sport of golf.  It combines my 2 favorite things, being active and being outdoors.  I’m encouraging everyone to try it.  It has added a whole new activity that my family can do together and we absolutely loved golfing while on vacation.

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