Giveaway For a Pair of Gold Shwings Shoe Wings

Some of you have seen pictures of my runnings shoes with wings on them.  If you haven’t just look below.


I am in no way sponsored, affiliated or compensated by Shwings, but I just think they are fun and thought I would spread the love and giveaway a pair!

Shwings are also popular among the kids.  I’ve seen pictures in magazines of celebrity kids with them on their shoes.  My daughter loves the ones she has on her converse.


photo 2

I have found the Shwings I own in toy stores, but here is their website with all the styles and colors.  Check them out to dress up your running shoes.

The giveaway is for one pair of gold Shwings.



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  1. Lena M | 23rd May 13

    I’ve been wanting to get a pair of Shwings and am loving that these are gold!

  2. Beth @ Read Hard Run Harder | 24th May 13

    Oh I love these things! I saw a chick wearing them at the Rock N Roll half in New Orleans back in February, and I wanted some then! Pick me…Pick me!

  3. Kim | 28th May 13

    Had no idea about these! My girls might fight over them so I’ll have to either buy another set or…keep them for me. 🙂

    • Kim | 28th May 13

      Oops, missed the comment prompt…
      A fave post of mine is about the runDisney race medals. Your collection is much larger than mine but we share the Tinkerbells, Wine & Dine 2012 and the C2C 2012! 🙂

  4. Alice | 31st May 13

    I LOVE these the first time I saw them as your twitter photo and had asked you about them. I still have to get a pair. Maybe I’ll win and then I can have matching ones for my daughter and I

  5. Mindy @ Road Runner Girl | 1st Jun 13

    These are adorable!!!! I love them!!! Will they make me fast too? 😉

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