New Giveaway for a Half Crazy Mama Hat in Celebration of the mamas running Princess Half Marathon

Are you a half crazy mama in training?  Are you a full crazy mama?  Do you know someone who is?  I’m running the Glass Slipper Challenge next month and in celebration of all the ladies joining me I am giving away ANOTHER Half Crazy Mama military style hat.  On this one the embroidery is pink and white.

photo 1

On the back it says “motherhood=endurance”


I love the military style hat rather than a baseball cap.

photo 2

I had such a great response with people loving the last giveaway that I thought I would do another one.  You can enter this giveaway for yourself or to give to someone else.
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US only please 🙂



  1. Leslee | 22nd Jan 14

    I may not be running Tink but I NEED THIS CAP!!! ♥ I totally want to sport this beauty on Maui in March.. Fingers crossed…

    • Leslee | 22nd Jan 14

      I meant Princess Half! Tehehe…

  2. Jen | 23rd Jan 14

    I love hats! I have a few races coming up, but I just ran Goofy! I introduced myself to you in the corral before the half. Great costume!

  3. Alison | 24th Jan 14

    I love hats! Thanks for the opportunity to enter this great giveaway!

  4. Wisa | 24th Jan 14

    OMG I always tell people that mom’s make the best endurance athletes because we know what it’ s really like to endure!

  5. Tina Muir | 24th Jan 14

    Great hat! I am not a mother (someday) so I will not enter, but just wanted to stop by and say hi! Good luck with your glass slipper challenge!

  6. Joy | 26th Jan 14

    Love that you are repeating this cute giveaway!

  7. Alissa | 27th Jan 14

    Just ran Tink, now getting ready for Princess! I didn’t have the money for Glass Slipper, but I have a couple of friends doing it. Good luck and the hat is super cute!

    • Half Crazy Mama | 28th Jan 14

      Thank you 🙂 And good luck and have a blast!

  8. Laurel C | 28th Jan 14

    My mom and I are both a little crazy!

  9. Tina G | 1st Feb 14

    I am half (mara) crazy…but my sis is a crazy mama! And is running her first race (she has always beena yoga gal) this june. While i run my mara, she is dong her first 10k and will meet me at the finish! It will be awesome!!!

  10. Kristen Jones | 1st Feb 14

    Very cute hat! Good luck as you train!!

  11. Jen | 2nd Feb 14

    Love the saying on back! So true 🙂

  12. Ashley @ Snow Cream and Syrup | 2nd Feb 14

    I’m not a momma (yet) but that’s a cute hat!

  13. Mitzi W | 5th Feb 14

    I love this hat! Would be perfect my race weekends!

  14. Holly | 6th Feb 14

    I **love** that hat!

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