Getting My Healthy Groove Back

Ok, honesty time…graduation party, then birthday party, then girls weekend in Napa, followed by dinner with friends, and 4th of July.  These are excuses for why I have ate like it’s 1999 (when I had better metabolism).  Sure I have still been running and being active over the last 6 weeks, but my food consumption has been less than stellar and my mileage has been less than normal.  Those couple pounds have crept back on.  Now I need to get my healthy groove back and refocus.  

searching_for_my_motivationI know my motivation is there to be healthy, I just need to quiet that little devil on my shoulder that likes to eat whatever is at a party or finish off my daughter’s snack without guilt.  Reality, the guilt is there.  The struggle is real.  Time for meal prep, eating at home, back to a workout schedule, and feel amazing again!

Do you have those times where time flies when you are eating bad and next thing you know you are a few pounds heavier and feeling blah?  


  1. beautea97 | 10th Jul 15

    Oh boy do I!!! I recently noted that I have gained ten pounds in the last year! I have remained active, but have fallen short on my running. Trying to get my run groove back after the lose of my running partner…

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