Gerber’s new 3rd Foods® Lil Bits™ Recipes and Instant Win Promotion

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Gerber_Chew_UWhen I was a first time mom, I’m not going to lie, it was a little intimidating.  There is so much to keep track of.  When it came time to introduce new foods I was even more intimidated.  How do I know for sure what my baby is capable of eating and if I am doing this right?  Gerber has solved the problem parents!  Introducing Gerber’s new 3rd Foods® Lil Bits™ Recipes! Gerber’s new 3rd Foods® Lil Bits™ Recipes help babies learn to mash and chew.  They are made with perfectly sized soft bit of fruits or veggies that help your baby learn to chew.  I was invited to attend a Gerber Chew U event. It was so fun to be around so many adorable babies who are crossing milestones everyday.  

gerber_babiesI remember being worried about whether my baby was ready for certain foods.  Gerber helps take the guess work out of what your baby is ready for.  Gerber is launching 10 new Lil’ Bits recipes specially made to help crawlers learn to chew and mash.  Chewing is an essential milestone in a baby’s development; Lil’ Bits recipes offer a gradual texture progression which helps babies learn the skills they need to transition to table food. 

back_to_school_decorationsThe Gerber Chew U event was a ball. The decorations were absolutely amazing. They were super Pinterest worthy. I learned a lot about Gerber’s 3rd Foods® Lil Bits™. Did you know that 80 experts spent over 120,000 hours on product development for Gerber’s new 3rd Foods® Lil Bits™ Recipes?  That is way better than just trying to guess on what your baby is ready for and hoping it is the right size and texture. Over 80 taste tests were held with 700+ samples to ensure that Lil’ Bits recipes had a baby-approved taste.  All the babies I saw that ate it, loved it, even the ones that the moms described as “picky” eaters.  My daughter was definitely a picky eater.

gerber_chew_universityGerber’s 3rd Foods® Lil Bits™ Recipes come in 7 fruits and 3 veggies. Fruits are: Apple Blueberry, Orchard Fruit Medley, Apple Banana, Banana Apple Strawberry, Pear Apple Berry, Island Fruit Blend and Banana Apple Mango. Veggies are: Mixed Carrots, Corn & Butternut Squash, Butternut Squash & Potato, Sweet Potato Apple Carrots & Cinnamon.  They all sound delicious.

gerber_promotionGerber tested 30,000 spoonfuls of Lil’s Bits recipes to develop perfectly sized bits to help babies master chewing.  That is so reassuring as a mom.  Cross one less worry off you list and check out Gerber’s new 3rd Foods® Lil Bits™ Recipes. Don’t forget to enter the Gerber Chew U instant win promotion!
1. Apply your little ones to Gerber Chew University
2. Returning to the site daily to for a chance to win! 100 winners per day will receive Class of 2015 Chew U prizes. Promotion period ends on September 4, 2015 at 11:59 p.m. ET

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