Fun Project Saturday

We are up visiting my mom and what better way to stay indoors to beat the 98 degree heat than crafting and cooking?!?!

I started the morning with a 5 mile run when it was only 72 degrees out.  If felt great.  When we got back to the house we started some projects.  First up, my runDisney Dumbo Double Dare costumes.  Any guesses what the fabric in the picture below on the left will end up being?  I’ll give another hint.  There is also a pink and a gunmetal Sparkle Athletic (#TeamSparkle) skirts involved.

photo 2

Our next project was making and decorating “pinkalicious” sugar cookies.  Not the healthiest of projects, but a lot of fun every now and than.  My 3 year old loves anything and everything pink.  She decorated them herself, can you tell?  haha

After that we made Chex mix.  Again, not the healthiest project, but a yummy snack, especially for road trips.  I always add the whole grain square cheddar crackers and either cheddar bunnies or goldfish to it.  Also included is Wheat Chex, Rice Chex, pretzels and mix nuts. photo 1
We finished up in the kitchen and than started another project. We got a head start on Christmas presents (it is never to early). I had got some ornaments at the fabric store and had my daughter paint them. After they dry we will add glitter, sequins and beads.  They are a project a 3 year old can do and a fun gift to give for Christmas.

How was your Saturday?  Anyone have a guess what my costumes are or want to tell me what they are wearing for Disneyland Half in a couple weeks?!?!?