Fun Family Holiday Craft

When the kids are out of school and Christmas is around the corner a fun project for the whole family is a great way to celebrate. Below is how to make a family handprint Christmas tree. I made this one using my whole families handprints.

photo 3
What you need:
green and brown paper (I used various green and brown designs of scrapbook paper, but you can also do it with just construction paper)
glue stick or adhesive
large piece of paper to mount the finished project

photo 2

1. Trace everyones hand on the backside of the paper.

photo 4
2. Cut out everyones hands. My daughter is only 2, so i cut out hers for her, but older kids can cut out their own. You can make this project as big or little as you want to. I made multiples of everyones hand so the tree would be larger.

photo 1
3. Arrange the hands on a surface so you can get an idea of how you want it to look before you start glueing it down.

photo 2
4. Start from the bottom with the hands that are brown and start glueing from the bottom up. I used the bigger hands of the adults as the base of the tree to give it a bigger bottom.

photo 3
5. You can hang on refrigerator, or frame for years to come. It would be fun to make one every year and see how the handprints grow with your kids.

What is your favorite DIY holiday project?


  1. Nadine | 23rd Dec 12

    What a creative idea!! Perfect for the scrap wrapping paper and a rainy day… Like today!!


  2. pregoandtheloon | 23rd Dec 12

    I LOVE this holiday tree idea… thanks for sharing!

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