Fun Family Exercise Ideas

family sitting on yoga matsAre you looking for fun family exercise ideas? Everybody knows exercise is good for your health, but did you know it’s also great for family fun too? Exercise provides families the opportunity to bond while participating in various activities from just walking around the block to running in marathons. Whatever exercise you choose, make sure that all the members of your family can participate regardless of age and health. Most of all, make it fun! There are many ways a family can burn some calories together. Here are some fun exercises for the whole family:

Walking in the Park

Scope out local parks and take everybody out for a family walk. Not so intense of an exercise, walking gives families the opportunity to chat and admire nature all while getting good exercise. The time will fly by as families participate in this laidback exercise. If you want to up-the-anty though, walk at a brisker pace or with a pair of light dumbbells.

Family Exercise Video

There are actually a TON of family exercise videos online. Everything from dancing to yoga. Stuck on where to look? YouTube is always a good resource and also just Google what you want and you can fid video links. Instagram also has many accounts who have free live streaming classes. The Peloton app actually has a lot of family workout videos that don’t require any equipment. The app also offers a free trial.

Rolling Through the Neighborhood

Roll around in anything that has wheels- bicycles, skates, scooters, skateboards, etc. They’re an excellent alternative to just walking and have the extra benefit of really working the legs. Plus, some people find riding around in wheels more fun than just simply walking.

Swimming in the Pool

It may seem like a lazy pastime, but swimming is actually a great form of exercise. The key to getting good exercise out of swimming is to be active. So take the whole family swimming either in your own pool, lake, or community pool for races and games. Have the entire family race, or split up and go tag-team style. Timeless games that get the family moving include marco polo, pool basketball, and chicken. family dancing i living room

Playing Twister

The Classic game of Twister really stretches the family’s exercisability- literally. When people hear the word “exercise”, stretching usually does not come to mind but whey else do they call them “stretching exercises”? Stretching shares some of the same benefits as other forms of exercise such as flexibility and posture, so incorporate this crazy stretching game into your family schedule. Plus, Twister is fun and challenging so the whole family will get a laugh out of it.

Dance Party

Throw on your favorite tunes and dance! It is that simple. My daughter has always loved our dance parties. You are burning calories, also creating amazing memories for your family. If you want a more organized dance party you can also try the video game Just Dance

Playing Sports

Basketball, soccer, hockey, football, baseball. The list of sports goes on and on, so the family has plenty to choose from. Sports are great family fun as it brings out everybody’s team spirit and competitiveness. Ideal places to play sports at home include the yard and driveway, but if neither one is sufficient go to a local park. Just split the family up into fair teams and let the games begin.

Backyard Obstacle Course

Obstacle courses are always fun. Take object from around the house and yard to help you set up the course. Paper plates for stepping stones, chairs for slalom, and a spoon and ping pong ball for a carry obstacle. So many possibilities. 

Go For A Run

Load the little ones in a jogging stroller or on their scooters and have older kids run with you. It will become a fun activity. Don’t push them too hard, try a run/walk/run tempo. Run 1 min, walk 30 seconds, repeat. Teaching a child to love running early is always a good thing. 

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