Let It Go Frozen Fireworks Video From Hollywood Studios Disney World

I have loved the song Let It Go since the first time I heard it when Idina Menzal sang it live on stage at the D23 Expo last August, months before the movie even came out.  Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better they put fireworks to it!  My family and I are at Disney World for a couple days and I knew we had to catch the Frozen Fireworks at Hollywood Studios.  I am so glad we did.  I actually got tears in my eyes.  The tears might have also been from lack of sleep, humidity, holding my 40 lb child in one arm while making a video with the other arm, but I am pretty sure I got tears from the awesomeness that was the Frozen Fireworks.  Here is a video I took of the Let It Go portion of the show.

During the show the characters come out on the stage and do some narration, which to be honest I could’ve lived without, but my 4 year old seemed to like that part.  All in all it is DEFINITELY worth catching if you are at Disney World this summer.

Has anyone else seen the Frozen Fireworks show at Hollywood Studios?


  1. beautea97 | 18th Jul 14

    WOW!!! We are headed to DL in November, wonder if they’ll have anything similar???

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