Frozen Apple Juice Like My Favorite Disneyland Treat

I love slushies, slurpees, icees, smoothies…pretty much anything that is a frozen beverage.  I have always loved the frozen lemonade at Disneyland, but when I discovered the frozen apple juice at Edelweiss Snacks by the Matterhorn years back I fell in love.  (White Water Snacks at the Grand Californian also has frozen apple juice, but I always think that one has a weird aftertaste)

With the help of my handy dandy Vitamix, my daughter and I make frozen apple juice at home!

All you need is:
Apple Juice
And a super cute assistant…but if you don’t have the assistant I’m sure you could probably accomplish it by yourself.

photo 1

Put ice in blender, add apple juice and blend.

We love to use the fresh pressed “apple cider” we get at farmer’s market for ours.  It is sooooo yummy.  It is also a little bit of a healthier option for dessert since it is mostly ice and very little apple juice.

photo 2


Do you love the Disneyland frozen apple juice?  Walt Disney World is seriously missing out.  They need to get on board with the frozen apple juice train.


  1. Jessica | 11th Mar 14

    Gaston’s Tavern at WDW has a frozen apple juice drink served with a passion fruit foam on top. They call it Le’Fou’sBrew. It’s super yummy.

    • Half Crazy Mama | 11th Mar 14

      I forgot about that! I had it. It was definitely yummy. I wasn’t crazy about the foam on top, but the apple juice was deliciousness.

  2. Kristen @ The Smith Summary | 11th Mar 14

    I’ll have to make a note to try this the next time I’m at Disneyland – looks very yummy!

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