Friday Night with a new episode of Dog With A Blog- Disney Channel

Who loves the show Dog With A Blog on the Disney Channel? (Raising my paw…I mean hand)

Tonight there is a new episode on the Disney Channel of Dog With A Blog at 8:30 PM – 9:00 PM ET/PT.  Just in case you haven’t seen it Dog With A Blog is a super cute family show, which is why I love that it is on Friday night.

Tonight’s episode had a lot of the struggles that arise with kids growing up and having to share their parents with siblings.  It featured a special moment between mother and daughter, Avery (the oldest daughter) and Ellen.  Tensions have been high between Avery with Chloe and Ellen lately and no one knows why.  Could Avery, a teenager, be realizing that she ACTUALLY needs her mom?  Avery got slightly jealous over her younger sister and her mom having fun over some scrapbook bonding.  Sounds familiar to anyone with siblings right?  Also, Tyler has a new coworker that is super cool, but she is the boss’s daughter.  Uh oh!

The stories on the show are enjoyable for the entire family and are very relatable.


Do you enjoy Dog With A Blog on Friday nights?