Fraggle Rock and 9 Other Shows from Jim Henson Are Now On Hulu Kids


I remember watching Fraggle Rock when I was a little girl and now my daughter can watch it too!  Fraggle Rock and 9 other shows from the Jim Henson Family Library are now available on Hulu AND you don’t need Hulu Plus to watch!  All episodes are now available commercial-free on Hulu Plus and five rolling, consecutive episodes of each show will be available on the free, ad-supported

Watch now at

Here is a full list of the Jim Henson shows that Hulu has:
“Fraggle Rock” Four seasons, 96 episodes
“Fraggle Rock: Animated” One season, 13 episodes
“Jim Henson’s Play-Along-Video” One episode
“Mopatop’s Shop” One season, 32 episodes
“Jim Henson’s Animal Show With Stinky And Jake” One season, 26 episodes
“The Hoobs” One season, 40 episodes
“Mother Goose Stories” One season, 13 episodes
“Secret Life of Toys” One season, 13 episodes
“Wubbulous World Of Dr. Seuss” Two seasons, 40 episodes
“Construction Site” Two seasons, 26 episodes

I thought this might be some good family fun for a Saturday night, just add popcorn!

Were you a Fraggle Rock fan?  Just saying “Fraggle Rock” makes me start singing the song in my head 🙂



  1. Nicole | 26th Aug 13

    I love Fraggle Rock! Our dog looks just like Sprocket. I have begged my husband to let me rename him (we didn’t realize he would look like that until he “grew up”) but he says that would be weird. I always felt bad for the doozers!

    • Half Crazy Mama | 26th Aug 13

      I bet your dog is adorable. I love Sprocket. It is so fun to rewatch Fraggle Rock now that I’m an adult.

  2. Mary @Capturing Magical Memories | 26th Aug 13

    I am looking forward to seeing all my old Fraggle friends!

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