Finding The Right Minnie Mouse Skirt for You

minnie mouse skirts

Running a runDisney race is tons of fun.  Seeing all the costumes people are wearing is magical.  Finding the right costume to run an entire race in is very important.

Minnie Mouse is a popular and classic choice.  If you have never been to a runDisney race expo before you are probably not as aware of how many different adorable types of Minnie patterned running skirts there are.  Here are some that I own and recommend.


Sparkle Skirts are running skirts with built in shorts.  They also make kids skirts that don’t have the shorts built in, but match the same pattern.  My almost 3 year old daughter loves any sort of dress up she can get her hands on.

Here is a picture of my running skirt and my daughters “matching” skirt.


A look at the built in shorts under the shirt.



UPDATE: Since I wrote this post Sparkle Skirt has changed the print of the Minnie skirt slightly. I believe the dots are now a little smaller, but they have TONS of Disney themed skirts.


I personally love the cut of the Ink n Burn skirts.  It depends on what you are looking for in a running skirt.  The Sparkle Skirt is a fuller skirt and a little longer while the Ink N Burn skirt is a little shorter and more fitted.  Before you pick any run skirt up at an expo and run an entire race in it I recommend test running with it a couple time.  I have seen many women at mile 11 with some very painful looking chafing from a run skirt.  You have to find the skirt that works best for you.  Another plus is that Ink n Burn makes little girl run skirts with the built in shorts identical to the adult skirts.  For the runDisney kids races my daughter loves the fact that her and I are wearing the same run skirt.  I also have a 15% off code for INKnBURN.  You can use this code one time and just need to create an account on their website for it to work. The code is emeliatoldme.


Below is a picture of my skirt and my daughters matching run skirt.


The view of the adorable built in shorts with the hearts.


Sparkle Athletic

Ok, so I own A LOT of Sparkle Athletic (Team Sparkle) skirts.  They are different than the two brands above because they aren’t a run skirt with built in shorts.  It would fall more into a tutu category.  I love this because than you can wear whatever you want with it.  For example for full marathons I like to wear my Lululemon run crops, so I can just throw on whatever Team Sparkle skirt I want to dress it up and make it fun or I can wear my run buns for warmer races with a Team Sparkle skirt over them.

You can buy it here on Amazon  


They also have a matching visor.

A look under the skirt at no shorts.


I wore this skirt for the Walt Disney World Marathon 2013


And also for the Walt Disney World Marathon Meet-up

photo 5


Here are some of the other Sparkle Athletic skirts that I own along with parts of my Rapunzel and Tinker Bell costume that I have worn.  Again, these are more like a tutu type skirt without actually having to run in a tutu which I love.  They are super light weight and are worn right over your normal running clothes.  They stay put and don’t get bunched up between your legs like tutus do.

photo photo


While I don’t own the Minnie Mouse print skirt, I do own several of their other prints and like running in them.  The cut of these run skirts I would put in between the Sparkle Skirts and the Ink n Burn Skirts.  More fitted than the Sparkle Skirt, but not as fitted as the Ink N Burn Skirt.

Here is a picture from their website.


Here are some of the Running Skirts that I do own.


And a look under the skirt at the shorts.



What is the best way to top off your Minnie Mouse outfit?  With the special edition New Balance runDisney Minnie Mouse trainers!  If you want a pair you need to get to the race expo early!  They have sold out VERY fast at both races they have been available at.

UPDATE- These were the 2013 runDisney New Balance running shoes.  You can often find them for sale on eBay.  The 2014 Minnie shoes are pink.


The four brands of skirts that I have shown above are typically at runDisney race expos, but of course to make sure I would check with the companies directly if you have your heart set on owning one.

Happy running everyone!


  1. Amy @Honey Badger Runs | 6th Feb 13

    Thanks for the great review of the different skirts, they are all cute! I have a few runningskirts, including the red & white polka dot one, I’ll have to try the other companies as well. I’m jealous of your sneakers 🙂

  2. Sammie | 9th Apr 14

    Great reviews. I’ve already got my eye on that Team Sparkle skirt. I love the idea of being able to mix and match it with my favourite running tights. Fingers crossed they ship to Australia!

  3. Fairytalesandfitness | 25th Aug 14 are my favorite! Will have to try the others. Thanks for the info!

  4. laurafee | 3rd Jun 15

    Very helpful, thank you!!

  5. ptmollie | 26th Oct 15

    Thank you so much for this! I am doing the WDW Half in January and need a Minnie Mouse skirt. This post saved me a bunch of hassle. xx

    • Half Crazy Mama | 29th Oct 15

      So glad it helped!!! Good luck on your race and I will “see” you there in January 🙂

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