I finally got a run in since being in Florida…a really hot humid run.

I’m happy that I got a 4 mile run in today.  It was on my sister-in-law’s treadmill in her garage and it was pretty toasty in there.  It was like running in a Bikram yoga room.  It felt pretty good though.  I also got to try my new Jaybird Wireless Headphones and they were AWESOME!  The sound quality was great.  They work through bluetooth.  My husband already wants the Jaybird Wireless Headphones, so now we get to fight over them…or get a second pair.  Do we dare spend the money on yet ANOTHER pair of headphones?


My daughter unfortunately woke up with a cold.  Poor little monkey.  Hopefully tomorrow she will be up to visiting the Kennedy Space Center because that is the plan and I am excited!!! 🙂