Favorite Race Spectator Signs

One of my favorite parts about running a half marathon is crowd watching. Both the runners and the spectators offer lots of fun visuals. The signs of encouragement from spectators though just can’t be beat. Here is a list of some of my all time favorite signs.

“Just keep swimming.”

“Worst parade ever!”

“You trained for this longer than Kim Kardashian’s marriage lasted.”

“You are an inspiration to me total stranger!”

“Run like her husband is chasing you.”

“Don’t stop! People are watching!”

“I bet it seemed like a great idea 4 months ago.”

“Longest beer run ever”

“If it was easy I would do it too.”

“Chuck Norris never ran a marathon”

“Don’t worry, you are way in front of my husband.”

“Run like you stole something”

These are some of my all time favorite signs. I’m sure I will have some more to add after this years Goofy Challenge.

Peace Love Run