Fabulous First Birthday Party

One of my best friend’s daughter recently turned 1.  My friend, who gives Martha Stewart a run for her money, planned such a fun party that I thought I would share some of her great ideas.

On every month birthday (1 month, 2 months, 3 months old etc.) my friend would take a picture of her daughter in a white onesie with the same owl stuffed animal and with the a “month” sticker stuck to her to show the age.  Such a cute idea!  I wish I did this for my daughter.  You can buy the month old stickers at most baby stores now or make your own.  These are a great baby shower gift, which is how my friend got hers.  At the party she printed out a pic from each month old and it was adorable to see them all lined up.

photo 4
The flags are made out of fabric that she cut and sewed together to match her color scheme.
A few of the adorable photos.

Another fun idea that kept kids of all ages busy was to put balls in a Pak N Play.  So easy and it kept babies happy as well as the toddlers and even the 4 year old had a fun time.  You can buy a bag of 100 balls for only $22.97 at Walmart.  Here is a link: http://www.walmart.com/ip/Ball-Pit-Balls-100/8456390

photo 2 photo 3

For decoration my friend used a simple stencil to cut birds out of different scrapbook paper and put them in vases with roses.  It was so simple and added fun prints and colors.

photo 1

For cupcakes my friend made 72, from scratch, that were a vanilla almond flavored white cake with a fresh strawberry puree buttercream frosting topped with a lemony marshmallow fondant hydrangea blossom.  In other words, yes those flowers on the top are edible fondant and yes she made each one individually!  They were SO delicious.  I ate more than one…ok, more than two.

photo 2

My friend even made a tiny party hat for the birthday girl and put it on an elastic headband so it would stay on comfortably.

photo 5

For favors my friend make cookies with “1” on them for everyone to take home.  These also matched the color scheme.

photo 1

Obviously the crazy baking skills are beyond what most of us can probably do, but a lot of these ideas are affordable, fun, and so cute!

What are some of your creative ideas that you have done for your children’s birthdays?