The Expo- #WDWMarathon #runDisney

I just got back to my hotel after spending some time at the expo.  Here is the skinny:

The New Balance shoes have a big line, but currently seem pretty abundant .


I didn’t ask the what the smallest kids size they had, but my daughter is 3 and wears and 11.5 and they had that.  She is the happiest girl in the word with pink shoes.

photo 1

The Dopey Packet pickup and the Dopey shirts are all in the same location…except the 5k shirt…which you have to go in the other building to get.

They have lots of merchandise.  TONS to choose from for every race.  My only bummer was that I love the hooded sweatshirts and they don’t have one of those for Dopey.  Also for the runDisney Vinylmation they don’t have race specific medals.  It is just one Mickey head that says 2014.

photo 2

You don’t get to choose between the yellow and green Vinylmation either.  It is a mystery…like the other types of Vinylamtions.

photo 3

Right out front you can take your picture with any of the race medals you want.


Don’t miss INKnBURN booth right on the main expo floor!  They are just debuting their new line of yoga inspired clothes!

The expo has booths all over including the breezeway in the stadium.  That is where I visited Sparkle Athletic.  It is a great expo and was not super crowded this morning at opening (except the line for shoes).  Happy expo day! 🙂

I’m off to the parks.


  1. Leslee | 8th Jan 14

    Looks like SO much fun 🙂 I am totally in love with those shoes…

  2. Alicia | 8th Jan 14

    Every time I see a pic of those Cinderella shoes I want them more and more! Oy.
    I love that you can take pictures with the medal banners outside. I hope they have that for Princess Half!

    • Half Crazy Mama | 8th Jan 14

      I’m sure they will (or should) have the medal banners. I love that part 🙂

  3. My Virtual Mission | 8th Jan 14

    We’ve seen so many of our friends and followers participate in Run Disney events and now … we’re curious.
    They look like quite an experience. Not like any other marathon. This might be something we participate in, in the future… especially because Disney Is the happiest place on earth.

    Great post. Good Luck!

  4. Jenn | 9th Jan 14

    So fun! I love the medal banners! I hope you have a great race!

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