SO Excited to Go to Italy! (Cue the mom guilt)

I leave on Wednesday for Italy.  I am crazy excited!  I have never been to Italy. Running a marathon in Venice is a dream come true.  (You can read more about this trip here).  BUT at the back of my mind is that nagging mom guilt.  

When I got the email offering me this amazing opportunity my first thought was “Wow! A trip to Italy!” and then a split second later I thought “I don’t know if I can leave my family for that long?” When my husband got home I showed him the email and he said how cool an opportunity it was and how proud of me he is.  I said “So do you think I should go?” and then he looked at me like I was completely nuts and said “OF COURSE you should go! Why wouldn’t you go?”  I told my mom and she was so excited for me and I said to her “So you think I should go?” Her reaction was much of the same. “Emy, you are being offered a trip to Italy, why wouldn’t you go?  Book me a plane ticket right now and I will fly to your house and help with little monkey while you are gone”.  All of the people closest to me couldn’t even fathom why I would hesitate, so why do I put this guilt on myself?

My little monkey is even excited for me, a little jealous, but also very excited and proud.  I know she won’t be just sitting at home moping that mama is gone because she has a very busy schedule and an amazing support system of friends and dance families.  So why do I feel like a bad mom to be leaving her when in reality I know she will be happily going about her routine whether I am there or not?

My family is so proud and excited for me to take this amazing journey, but still, mom guilt.  My trip is hosted, so there is very little coming out of pocket, but still, mom guilt.  Everyone around me has told me I deserve this and it is only 7 days and to not worry about a thing.  How do I do that?  I keep telling myself that as soon as I get on the plane, I drink a glass of wine, and let the guilt go because the mom guilt does no one any good.  I know I will go and I will have an amazing time and I know my family will be totally fine without me.  I know “ME” time is important.  I need go dismiss the mom guilt.  Be gone mom guilt!!!

How do you release yourself of the mom guilt?


  1. annsawicki | 17th Oct 17

    I always try to look at the example I am setting for my children. I want my daughter to grow up to have her own interests outside of being a mom so I model that behavior. So Mom Guilt be gone. Someday when your daughter has an amazing opportunity she will take it knowing that she deserves it!

    • Half Crazy Mama | 17th Oct 17

      That is great advice! Thank you!! 🙂

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