Why Every Woman Should Take a Trip With Her Best Friend

Women travel differently than men.  Plain and simple.  When looking for destinations, hotels, and conveniences women look for different details and have different priorities.  This is one of the many reasons why women should go travel with some other women every now and then.

I love traveling with my family, but I also love traveling with my best girlfriends.  It gives me a chance to turn off the mom mode and relax a little more.  I don’t have to worry about who needs to be fed, bedtime, or losing a child in a crowd of people.  I can go visit a new destination and be completely present.  I realized this on a trip to Italy with two girlfriends.  We were at the Galleria dell’Accademia in Florence looking at David and other amazing sculptures.  It dawned on me that I was looking at all the detail of every sculpture, reading every description card, and really taking in the whole experience.  I didn’t have to hurry through because of a young child with me or husband who didn’t want to spend hours at a museum.  I was with my girlfriends who shared the same feelings I shared.  

Another big reason traveling with your best friend is so important is the laughter.  When you are hanging out with just your best friends you are bound to laugh.  Laughing is food for the soul.  Sitting around the hotel room at night, laughing until you are crying about something funny that happened that day, that is such a great feeling. 

It is a luxury as a mom to get a few days off, but it is also important to make sure you take care of yourself.  It makes me feel sad when I hear other moms shaming a woman for taking a couple days for herself, for her own wellbeing.  Stop the judgment and you just do you.  That may look different for each person and that is ok.  A five day trip with your best friend each year might be just what you need, but for someone else that may be one night in Vegas.  The most important thing is supporting each other because we all know “ME” time is crucial for moms.  I still feel mom guilt when I first leave, but you know what I learned?  They are ok without me for a few days!  It is good for them too.  Everyone learns a little about themselves when mom is away.  Use your tribe, your husband, your mom, family friends, and just take a few days to go somewhere with your best friend.  It renews your soul.