Establishing Bedtime Routine Talk Read Sing

Kids do well with routine.  Establishing a routine early is the biggest recommendation I can give to any new parent.  Our bedtime “Talk Read Sing” time is my daughter’s favorite time of the day.  Before bed we have quiet time when there are no distractions, just one on one time.

FullSizeRenderTalk– Even when my daughter was a baby I would talk to her.  I would point out her nose, lips, ears, and eyes.  Now that she is older I ask her about her day at school.  We discuss letters and numbers and anything on her mind.

IMG_2585Read– Reading to children is so important.  I love the joy of a good book.  Children thrive when they are read to.  I have read to my daughter since the day she was born.  Every night we read 3 books before bed.  

FullSizeRenderSing– After we are done with our talk and our books I sing her a lullaby.  I am by no means a great singer, but the best part is that my daughter doesn’t care at all.  We often sing or hum together.  I love this time.  It is our cuddle time.  My daughter has always loved music.  We sing a lot, makeup songs and play “music” together all the time.

FullSizeRenderHaving this routine ensures that even on the busiest of days we have one on one quality time to connect.  She would often just fall asleep in my arms.  I love every minute of it.

The First 5 California website is a great resource for activities for newborns, babies, toddlers and preschoolers. There’s a whole section (Activity Center) on things that parents can do with their kids to help stimulate the mind.  

Check out First 5 California Activity Center here for free information on creating activities for kids 0-5 years.  There are activities to help develop your baby’s motor skills, muscle strength, social and emotional growth, and more.  The website also has great activities for Preschoolers  to further nurture your child’s motor skills, improve memory and communication skills, and more.  

What is your routine with your child? Do you Talk Read Sing?