Another Edition of Search Term Questions Wednesday

I like to read and answer some of the questions that people have searched for on websites like Google that led them to my site.  Last Wednesday I did the same thing, so here some of this weeks search term questions.  These are all actual search terms.

“Should I stay at saratoga springs or animal kingdom lodge in disney world?”- Personally I would pick Animal Kingdom Lodge.

“I need a tiara for my run”- I realize this isn’t a question, but yes I agree, you do need a tiara for your run.

“Is it crazy to run the goofy challenge?”- Yes, but it is a lot of fun…after you have all your medals. haha  I’ve done it more than once, but we know I’m at least half crazy.

“Is it hard to meet the pacing requirement of Tinkerbell?”- Umm no if you keep at least a 16 min pace which is the requirement by runDisney.  If you are questioning how fast you run or walk I suggest getting a Garmin or device similar for your training runs to give you an idea.  The pacing requirement time also doesn’t start until the last person crosses the start line.  This means that is you are not the last person this gets you a little bit of extra time.

“What are some good running races for 2 year old children?”- I recommend the Kids Race at all runDisney events.  My daughter has been doing them since she was 18 months.  They get a tshirt, race bib, and a rubber medal.  Super cute.

“Who signed up for dopey challenge?”- I did 🙂

“Can you get character photos with your own camera at rundisney events?”- Yes! Definitely bring your own camera or camera phone.  There is always a person there to take your photos for you.  A matter of fact not all the characters have a pro photographer with them so you might HAVE to have your own camera if you want a pic with them.

“What to wear under my disney running skirt?” Run buns, shorts, crops to name a few.  Always do test runs though to make sure they are comfy and there is no chaffing.


Do you have any questions that you would like answered?



  1. Karla @ | 12th Jun 13

    These are fun! I wore a tiara for my very first marathon back in 2007 before it was cool to wear tiaras while running, before the Princess Half Marathon even existed! It was an actual metal and jewel tiara that my roommate bought off of a drag queen walking down the street in New York City. She’d dared me to wear one for the marathon and I said if she got me one I would. And I did. I ran in it proudly. Then my niece wore it in my wedding. It’s the tiara that just keeps on giving. EVERYONE needs a tiara 🙂

  2. Kristen @ The Smith Summary | 13th Jun 13

    I have been looking for bottoms to go underneath my Team Sparkle skirt – preferably a longer length so there’s no chaffing and preferably with some pockets. I was going to try the bottoms from Sparkle Skirts but do you have any others you can suggest?

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