Easy Ways To Flavor Food Without Adding Salt- Tips For Low Sodium Diet

spilled salt shakerMany of you know my husband had to have open heart surgery a few months ago. While he didn’t have clogged arteries or a heart attack, he has to have a valve replaced, the aortic stem repaired, and a maze procedure to correct his Afib. Because of the heart surgery he is told to eat a low sodium diet because of the high rick of fluid retention. Many people are being encouraged to use less salt by their doctors because of illness. Others may want to cut down their use of salt to lose weight or to be healthy. There are many easy ways to flavor food without adding salt to your diet.

If a meal is lacking in taste, many people are tempted to reach for the salt so that they can add some flavor. What they don’t realise is that they are doing harm to their health if they add too much salt to their diet. There are many other ways that a person can add flavor and taste to a dish without salt. 


Here are just a few of the many easy ways to flavor food without adding salt to your diet:

1. Garlic and onion:

Both garlic and onion have a strong taste and smell. Adding a few chopped garlic cloves or an onion to a dish can give you a wonderfully fragrant and great tasting dish without the need for salt. If you are using dried garlic or onion, be sure to read the label to make sure there isn’t added sodium.

As well as flavor, both onion and garlic have many health benefits. Both contain many helpful chemicals that aid in providing protection against cardiovascular disease, infections and cancers. eat less salt shaker

2. Herbs and spices:

There are thousands of herbs and spices that you can choose to add flavor to your dishes. Whether you want subtle or strong flavor, there is a right herb or spice for each and every dish. Many of the herbs and spices available on the market have health benefits as well as the ability to turn an ordinary dish into something wonderful.

You may wish to experiment with different herbs and spices from around the world or stick to local, well known herbs and spices. Some of our favorites are basil, thyme, cumin, sage, and fresh chives from the garden. There are also a lot of herb and spice blends with no salt added, like Mrs. Dash. I have found a great selection of no salt seasoning blends at both Sprouts and Whole Foods


3. Olive oil:

The Mediterranean people have been using olive oil for years and their diet is considered to be one of the healthiest. Olive oil has a unique taste to it and so it will add great taste to your dishes. Olive oil works well with salads and sauces. A great quality olive oil has a lot of flavor. 

4. Vegetables:

If you are looking to eat healthily then you should include the use of vegetables in your diet. Loaded with vitamins and minerals you could benefit greatly from adding them. Adding vegetables in various forms to your dishes will greatly improve the taste and look. Some of our favorites that add lots of flavor are mushrooms and bell pepper.

When you first start a low sodium diet you will miss the taste of salt, but over time you get really use to it and don’t miss it at all. Give it a chance and experiment with different options that don’t involve salt. It is so nice not to have puffy hands some mornings after a heavily salted meal. The above are just a few ways that you can have great tasting food without the use of salt. 

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