Father’s Day Ideas From Kids

I wonder how many men get BBQs or BBQ accessories for Father’s Day presents?  I love when children, no matter what age, make a present.  Father’s Day ideas from kids can be hard to come up with because they are a little limited in what they can do. It has so much more meaning than another grill brush.  Here are some of my favorite DIY presents that are simple enough for young children.

diy fathers day

I got all the supplies at Jo-Ann Fabrics.  Most craft stores will have all of these things.

mini masterpieces

First up was my daughter’s favorite and I think the cutest.  What dad doesn’t have space on their desk for one of these mini masterpieces?  I’m obsessed with the tiny canvases with tiny easels   I just gave my daughter paints and let her go to town.  She LOVED it and I know my husband will too.

fathers day name shirt

I think this one is really fun, especially if your child is young and just learning to write their name like my daughter.  You have them write their name with paint and then add the ‘S to the end so it reads “Lily’s Dad” for example.  If your child is to young you can do hand prints or just have them doodle.  Be sure to use fabric paint and put cardboard inside the shirt so the paint doesn’t bleed through.  While I doubt my husband will wear this shirt anywhere other than Disneyland or home, I know he will still love it and not get rid of it.

hands and feet

You children are growing so fast, so document those tiny feet and hands while you can.  I just painted 4 simple canvases a solid color and then painted my daughter’s feet and hands. The hard part is getting your child not to wiggle, but even if they aren’t perfect it is still super cute.

fathers day frame painting

Lastly, crafts stores have tons of things you can paint like birdhouses and frames.  I chose the frame so I can put a picture of my daughter in it.  I tried to talk my daughter into using more colors than just pink, but she insisted.  That is part of the beauty of a 4 year old’s DIY Father’s Day present though, it will be what THEY love 🙂

fathers day collage

Do you have a favorite DIY present?