The Easiest Way To Cleanup After Your Pets At Home

This post is sponsored by The Libman Company but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

The addition of Gus Gus, our little Boston Terrier, was just what our family needed.  Our fur baby is funny, sweet, loving, a total cuddler, a little crazy (in a great way), but also sheds like there is no tomorrow!  I have struggled with finding the right products to help combat the fur and muddy paw prints.  I thought I would share what I found to be the easiest and best way to clean up after your little four legged family member.  

Hello Libman Wonder Mop!  It’s microfiber GRIPSTRIPS™ lift up to 20% more dirt helping tackle that shedding and muddy paw prints.  The power wringer allows you to remove more water from the mop head, in turn allowing your floors to dry faster.  The Wonder Mop also works great on all surfaces, from hardwood to tile.  The best part?  It can be machine washed up to 50 times, saving me money and time!

My other favorite part is that the Libman Wonder Mop cleans up after my family too.  You know the grime that ends up on the hardwood floor under the dining room table?  Boom!  Clean.  The shoe grossness that collects by the front door?  Yep, it cleans up that too so easily it will only take a few swipes of the Wonder Mop.  

Life can be messy, but you can help keep your house clean with the Libman Wonder Mop and their whole line of great products.  Click here to check out the products and if you sign up for The Libman Company newsletter you can download a $3 off coupon

What are some of your tricks for cleaning up after your pet? 


  1. Emma | 7th May 18

    Gus Gus is adorable! Our biggest problem with cleaning up after pets is the fur in the carpets! I find it’s easy to swepe up the fur on hardwood but the carpet gets me. I usually end up calling the carpet cleaners but if you have any tips for carpet cleaning with pets I’d love it!

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