The Dumbo Double Dare Challenge and the Disneyland 10k Both Sold Out- Run For Charity!

If you had your heart set on running the Dumbo Double Dare Challenge or the Disneyland 10k and couldn’t get to your computer in the first hour to register before it sold out, don’t fret!  There are a lot of charities and travel providers with entry available!!!  Running for charity is SOOO rewarding and I recommend everyone try it at some point.

Here are some charities listed on the runDisney Disneyland Half website!

Charitable Organizations

Who will I be seeing Disneyland Half Marathon weekend?!?!?


  1. Amy Simonds | 28th Jan 14

    I got in!!! wwwoooooo!!!!!!

    We did have two out of our group that did not make it….. UGH!

    Thank you for posting this! I have forwarded it on to them.

  2. Nicole | 28th Jan 14

    Thanks so much for posting this on twitter! I have shared this with my friend who was unable to get a 10k spot even though we both wanted to do the 10k together (and just me the double dare). I’m trying to convince her to run through one of these charities you mentioned and that I would help blog about it, so that she can raise the funds to participate. Oh and I couldn’t find links to all of them regarding the Disneyland Half Marathon weekend, just Alex’s lemonade stand, Autism speaks, A-T childrens project, Team Muscle Makers and Tourette Syndrome Association. I wonder if the others are not posting about it till closer to the event. Thanks again for posting!

    • Half Crazy Mama | 28th Jan 14

      If you email the ones that don’t have it listed they can give you more info 🙂 Glad people found this helpful! Running for charity is so great!!!

  3. Michelle @ 3cheaprunners | 28th Jan 14

    Wow…under 1 hour…us Disney runners are sure on top of registration!

  4. Jennifer @ The Final Forty | 30th Jan 14

    I’ll be there! It’s INSANE how fast it sold out. I ran Dumbo last year and wasn’t really planning to be back again this year, but my BF wanted to do it, and I got all swept up in the excitement, and…well…Disneyland, here I come! 😉

  5. Annie | 31st Jan 14

    Hi! My husband & I will be participating in the Disneyland 5k Family Fun Run for the 1st time. It is our 1st event EVER. We don’t really know what to expect & are wondering if you need to maintain the suggested 15/16 min per mile pace & if we fall behind will we be picked up & driven to the finish line? Any info you can provide would be great. Thanks!

    • Half Crazy Mama | 31st Jan 14

      The pacing time starts when the very last person crosses the start line. For example, if you start 5 minutes ahead of the last person than you have an extra 5 minutes. You will be assigned a corral to start in. The “sweepers”, or balloon ladies, are people with balloons tied to them and you don’t want them to pass you. They are very encouraging from what I hear to help keep you going and ahead of them. It isn’t nearly as intimidating or hard as it sounds I promise. Since it is the 5k and most of it is in the parks you most likely wouldn’t be driven to a finish line, but the course may be made shorter to get you there faster. Again, you would have to fall way behind for that to happen though. 🙂

  6. Melissa | 21st Feb 14

    I’m doing the half!

  7. Teri | 22nd Feb 14

    My sister and I ran the Tink 10k and 1/2 in January. I can tell you that during the 1/2 we were in corral D and passed the 16 min pacer at around mile 2. That’s how long it took us (jogging) to get to her. There were a number of people who were swept. This was my third runDisney event and, while fun, would’ve been terrible if we hadn’t kept up the pace that we did.

    • Half Crazy Mama | 24th Feb 14

      The 16 min pacer “balloon ladies” start in the last corral and the sweeping pace starts when the very last person crosses the starting line. So the earlier corral you are in the more time you actually have to finish in theory. They wouldn’t have been in front of you, especially in corral D. Could it just have been one of the “pacers” that are running the race to help people? I hope you still had fun!

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