Dopey Challenge Packing Checklist

My race packing checklist got such a positive response that I thought I would be write a Dopey Challenge Packing Checklist, because running 4 races in 4 days definitely takes some planning. If you are getting ready to head to Disney World to run 48.6 miles, here is the list of everything you need to pack.
Dopey Challenge packing checklist

Here is your Dopey Challenge checklist:

1. 2 Pairs of Running Shoes– My experience from running the Goofy Challenge for a couple years before Dopey Challenge existed, and then the Dopey Challenge every year it has existed is that your feet are happier running in a different pair of shoes.  It could be the same exact model, but your feet know the difference.  Switching shoes is a breath of fresh air each morning.  

2. Hydration–  Whether this is a refillable water bottle or something like Nuun, plan ahead. Running in Florida is typically warmer than other climates and hydration is key. 

3.  4 Complete Running Outfits including Undergarments– don’t forget those socks, undies, sports bras.  Unless you plan to do laundry halfway through the weekend you will need clean everything.  

4. 4 Costumes– You didn’t think I would suggest you run a Disney race without a costume right?  For the Marathon though I suggest something simple so it doesn’t bother you.  Wear your craziest costume for the 5k.  

Last years 5k costume.

5.  Fuel enough for 48.6 miles– 14 is my rough estimate of Gu needed, but you should know that number. If you take energy gels I suggest bringing them with you just incase the expo doesn’t have the flavor/brand you are used to.  They are under 3oz so you can fly with them without having to check your back.  My tip: put them in a zip lock bag in your suitcase though.  You don’t want one of those gooey treats to bust open all over everything.  

6.  Sunscreen–  Florida sun can be brutal at times.  You will want sunscreen for the half and full.

7. Body Glide or Vaseline– Put it everywhere.  Under arms, between legs, (TMI warning) on the creases where your butt and legs meet, around your chest where your sports bra or HRM rests, straps of tanks, and gentlemen don’t forget the bandaids or tape for your nipples.  No one wants bloody anything.

8. Printed Race Waiver– It will save you time at packet pickup to already have your waiver printed and signed. If you forget, don’t panic, they have computers at the expo, but it will just take a little longer.

9.  Camera– Whether it is your iPhone or a GoPro that is little and can fit in your fanny pack, I suggest running with one.  I use my iPhone.  Sometimes there are characters that don’t have a photographer with them, so you will only get a pic if you have a camera.  


10.  Snacks– I suggest bringing some snacks with you in your suitcase so you aren’t dependent on eating out the whole time.  A bag of mini bagels and some almond butter is super easy and good food before and after races.  

11.  Money– Lets face it, the runDisney expos offer some of the best shopping of any race expos. You will want to buy the pin, sweatshirt, headband, cup… or all of it to commemorate the occasion.  Not to mention the Sparkle Athletic skirt that will go awesome with your race outfit, the cute Minnie Sweaty Bands to keep your hair out of your face in the race, the Zensah compression sleeves for recovery between races, and of courrse the KT Tape that your will be pretty sure you will need by the end of the races.

Riding Everest during the marathon.
Riding Everest during the marathon.

12.  A Smile– Don’t be the grumpy runner.  This is a DISNEY race.  Go out and have a great time.  Take pictures, ride Everest, have a conversation with God around mile 20 of the Marathon ( mile 42.4 of the challenge), meet new friends, and remember that every mile is magical…even mile 42.4 😉

13.  Extra Room In Your Suitcase– Don’t forget you will be coming home with 6 medals!!! Save room for those bad boys!


I will “see” you at the starting lines (plural because there are 4 races)! 

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  1. Stacia Hitzfelder | 28th Apr 15

    They let you ride Mt. Everest during the run? That’s pretty awesome. Was there a wait? What mile was that around? Sorry for all the questions. My husband and a friend of mine signed up for Dopey 2016. So I’m super excited.

    • Half Crazy Mama | 28th Apr 15

      Yes! Depending on how fast a runner they are Animal Kingdom is just opening up and you can run on and ride. There wasn’t a line when I was there, but I heard from someone later one that by the time they got there it was about a 10 min wait. So I think it just depends on how fast you get. It was around mile 16 🙂

  2. Tedi @ Running with Infertility | 19th Dec 15

    Thanks for the advice. I will be running Dopey in just a few weeks! 😀

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