“Dog With A Blog” Set Visit and Interview With Cast- Season 3 Premieres September 26

We are BIG TIME “Dog With a Blog” fans over here in the Half Crazy Mama house.  How could we not be?  Stan, the dog, has a blog…and is seriously the cutest dog ever.  The whole cast is tons of fun and makes us laugh.  I got to visit the set of Disney Channel’s hit show with season 3 premiering on September 26th.  

Dog With A BlogI chatted with G Hannelius (Avery), Blake Michael (Tyler), Francesca Capaldi (Chloe), Beth Littleford (Ellen), Regan Burns (Bennett), Mick the dog (Stan) and Stephen Full who is the voice of Stan.  

Dog with a blog set visitOn the set I got to see Mick (Stan) in action.  He is even cuter in person (or should I say dog).  It was amazing to watch him sit, jump on the on pieces of furniture when told, and follow command.  One question I asked the cast was “Who needs more takes, them or Mick the dog?”  The answer was unanimously Mick.  I also asked if it is weird to talk to a dog who is not actually talking back to them.  Their answers were that in the beginning it was a little weird, but Stephen Full, the voice of Stan, is on set and fills in the voice and will get on the floor sometimes to talk and it all works really well.  

MICKI loved getting to talk to Stephen Full, who voices Stan.  I asked him if his voice ever gets recognized as Stan’s.  He said not really, but it did happen one time on a golf course and it was by another adult who asked him if he was the voice on “Dog With a Blog”.  How funny is that?  I would think that kids would realize it, but I was surprised it was an adult. 

Dog with a blog, Stan's secretHere is some fun info for you runners.  Did you know Regan Burns, who plays Bennett the dad, is a big time hardcore runner?  He just finished a 36 hour Yosemite run.  He has ran Spartan Beasts as well as Endeavor races to list a few.  

Some of the questions I think most of you have can be answered here: Yes, Francesa Capaldi, who plays Chloe on the show, really IS that cute.  Absolutely adorable.  G Hannelius, who plays Avery, has a wardrobe worth drooling over and she looked just as awesome the day I talked to her.  Regan Burns and Beth Littleford, who play dad Bennett and mom Ellen, are hilarious together even off camera.  Blake, who plays Tyler, is so well spoken and so nice.  And yes, I love when Stan is in costume.  

Stan as a knight, Dog With a BLogOne question I ask at all interviews is if the actor has a favorite episode?  I interviewed each cast member independently , but each member gave basically the same answer.  They all said they love when the whole family is together.  I can see why because they are all so fun.  Their energy seems to just feed off of each other.  

I got a little hint at what the season 3 premiere of “Dog With a Blog”  has in store for us and it involves getting expelled from school. That is big time!  Who do you think it is that gets expelled?  Tune in Friday, September 26th for the season 3 premiere of “Dog With a Blog” on Disney Channel.



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