Do you suffer from FORO?

My family and I are pretty active people.  We drink A LOT of water.  Hydration is very important, especially when you are sweating a ton of a regular basis. Our tap water isn’t great, so I rely on bottled water.  Going to the store to stock up on water though is a chore that I hate doing.  The cases and bottles are heavy and it takes time away from things I would rather be doing.  This is why I was very happy to learn about ReadyRefresh℠ by Nestle® which is a water delivery service.

We don’t keep soda in our house, but I am always amazed at the amount of soda that people still drink.  Did you know that replacing a single 12-ounce, 140 calorie sugar sweetened beverage with water each day for a year can cut more than 50,000 calories from one’s diet? Thirsty choices aren’t always smart choices, and the lack of healthy beverage options often means your family reaching for what’s available which could be sugary sodas or juices.DSC_2803

Buying bottled water by the individual bottle means you’re spending way too much time restocking at the grocery store. Buying in bulk keeps your shopping trips infrequent, but those cases are so heavy, and big box stores are energy-sapping circuses. With that dreaded trip to the store looming, a sense of anxiety takes over. As your bottled water supply dwindles, you begin to hoard those last few bottles for your kids, your spouse, or even just a thirstier moment. This is a phenomenon referred to as The Fear of Running Out—denying yourself and your family the bottled water they want just so you don’t have to go back to the store or add another inconvenience to your day.  I totally suffer from FORO! Here are some interesting findings from the survey about Fear of Running Out:

  • More than half of all surveyed (52%) experience FORO at least once a week.
  • 69% of survey respondents run low on everyday household items at least once a week.
  • According to survey respondents, bottled water is the beverage of choice in homes (36%), workplaces (46%), and at school (36%).
  • Nearly half of all full-time working parents (46%) surveyed say they ration or replace everyday household items with a less desirable alternative at least once per week, in order to avoid running out completely.
  • According to the survey, when running low on household items, food (67%), toilet paper (51%) and bottled water (43%) are the most likely to be restocked first – ahead of items like milk (20%) and diapers (7%).
  • Of those surveyed, three out of four (75%) working parents would buy more household items in bulk if it was more convenient.
  • According to the survey, more than half of full-time working parents (55%) say that daily errands keep them from spending quality time with friends and family.

Here is a video that not only features one of my favorite people in the social media world, Brandi Riley and her family, but also with great tips on drinking water, staying hydrated and avoiding FORO. 

When it comes to your home, you want to feel confident that you are always making the best choices for you and your family, especially when it comes to health. Now there’s an easy way to bring a little more health into your home – ReadyRefresh by Nestlé is a customizable beverage delivery service that provides your family with a variety of leading bottled water brands in assorted sizes and flavors like Arrowhead (still and sparkling), Nestlé Pure Life, Perrier, San Pellegrino, Acqua Panna. With ReadyRefresh there is something for everyone in the family! ReadyRefresh makes staying hydrated easy and convenient offering expanded delivery hours, flexible frequency options (choose weekly, biweekly, monthly, bimonthly, every 3 months or even one-time ordering) for any product delivered and increased communication (pre-delivery and post-delivery notifications).FullSizeRender
ReadyRefresh is offering up to $50 off your first delivery for new members plus free delivery!  That is a great deal AND there is no having to go to the store and dealing with heavy cases! Click here to place your first order.

Do you suffer from FORO?  For me it is bottled water, toilet paper, and paper towels.  When we get low on those items I freak out a little.  Join the conversation on social media with #NoMoreFORO.  You can find ReadyRefresh on Twitter and Facebook.