DIY Tulle Wreath

4th july wreathe pieces

Ever wonder what to do with the left over tulle you have from making that race tutu?  How about a wreath!  Whether it is red and green for Christmas or pastels for Easter they are easy and festive.  Here is the one I made for the 4th of July.

4th july how to

You can get the wreath base at any craft store.  First cut the strips to the desired length.  If you don’t want the ends as long as mine, you can have them much shorter.  Fold strips in half and loop around the wreath base.


For the 4th of July I alternated red and white and then alternated blue and white in one corner to resemble the flag.

wreath door

Voila!  Perfect for your door.

4th july wreath mantle

Or over your fireplace.

4th july wreath lily

You can even wear it as a hat if you want like my daughter 🙂

diy 4th of july

Do you have tulle lying around waiting to be crafted?


  1. beautea97 | 18th Jun 14

    CUTE idea!!!

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