Disney’s Vero Beach Resort and More Giveaways

Yesterday we went to Disney’s Vero Beach Resort.  I love this resort.  We have stayed there before and have also gone just for their character breakfast and pirate dinner.  We have family that lives in Vero Beach and it makes it very convenient.  Every time we come my daughter wants to take her picture with the Tic Toc Croc out front.

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If you have never stayed at Disney’s Vero Beach Resort and looking for a mellow beach vacation I definitely recommend this resort.  They have a great pool and even a little pirate ship splash area.  The miniature golf area near the pool is a ton of fun and the resort is right there on a beautiful beach.  They have campfires with s’mores and songs and we love the restaurant.

Disney’s Vero Beach Resort is less then 2 hours from Walt Disney World and is on the Atlantic coast of Florida.  Vero Beach is a beautiful town with some fun shops, good restaurants and they often have fun festivals.  At a certain time of year you can even watch the baby sea turtles make their way to the ocean!  We have yet to do this and missed it by a week this trip, but it is on my list to see one of these years.

Disney’s Vero Beach Resort also has a store where you can buy many of the favorite souvenirs you can get at Disney World.  This of course is also one of my 3 year old daughter’s favorite parts.  Yesterday she talked her aunt into buying her a princess Minnie plush toy, princess ear hat and a pink pooka shell necklace.  On the way home she passed out in the car.

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Since I am going all these fun places, I am hosting giveaways to win fun stuff from these fun places!  For the giveaway from Disney’s Vero Beach Resort I picked out this adorable hat with the Disney’s Vero Beach logo.  I love sea turtles, so I thought this was cute.  (Did you know the largest sea turtle ever recorded was over 9 and a half feet!!!!  That is huge!!!!)  My daughter asked me “Mama what do the kids win?”  I said that their parents enter to win the hat, so she said she wanted to give something to the kids (cute right?) She picked out a Nemo beach ball and a package of her favorite Disney twisty lollipops.

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And here is a pic of Lily’s giveaway.

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You can enter all the giveaways!  Below is also the current giveaway that I picked up at Kennedy Space Center the day before.
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Don’t forget to enter Lily’s giveaway too so I can tell her that a mommy or daddy is winning something for a kid. 🙂
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Have you entered the giveaway I got at Kennedy Space Center? “Failure is not an option.” LOVE this!



a Rafflecopter giveaway
I am hosting these giveaways on my own and have not been compensated by anyone.


  1. Bonnie | 18th Jul 13

    Sorry posted on wrong blog topic! Never been to Vero but would like to.

  2. bethp262 | 19th Jul 13

    I haven’t ever stayed at Vero but would like to.

  3. bethp262 | 19th Jul 13

    I have not been to KSC but we are planning it for our next trip to Florida.

  4. Ben | 19th Jul 13

    I’ve never visited Disney’s Vero Beach resort, but it sounds like a lot of fun and we definitely plan on taking our kids to Disney within the next few years.

  5. Ben | 19th Jul 13

    I’ve been to Kennedy Space Center, but it’s been a long time. At least 20 years. I’d love to go again sometime.

  6. Ann | 25th Jul 13

    I would definitely love to.

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