Disney Family Fun Run 5k Recap #DopeyChallenge #runDisney #WDWMarathon

First, YES, I ran the 5k wearing this Maleficent hat and yes it was hot, but I tested it on a treadmill before hand, so it wasn’t hard to run in 🙂

Ok, on with the recap.  The Disney Family Fun Run 5k was the first of my 4 races to run for the Dopey Challenge.  It was decently chilly out before the race.  I needed caffeine and as I was walking to my starting corral I found this!

photo 1

I had my handy dandy Magic Band on so I was able to get some coffee.  I hung out near the start line while I waited for the time to come to filter into our corrals.

photo 2

It started at 6:15am Thursday.  I wore the INKnBURN Sugar Skull pullover and Rock N Roll run skirt.  I was nervous about the hat portion of my costume, for some reason out of social anxiety, because it was a little on the crazy side.  I got over it and it turned out to be fun.  I didn’t put it on until I was about to start in the corral.

photo 1

The race kicked off and we started running.  We came acrossed Flick (I think that’s his name) from A Bug’s Life in the backstage area of Epcot.  I didn’t stop for a picture with him though.  Next we made our way through a backstage gate between Mexico and Norway into Epcot.

In Norway was Daisy Duck.  I stopped for a picture with her.

photo 1

As we rounded the corner into Germany Dopey was there.  Dopey had the longest line I have ever seen ever out of all the runDisney races and characters…ever ever.  It was CRAZY!  I stand in a lot of long lines sometimes for race characters, but this one was 10 times longer than the longest line I ever stood in.  I didn’t stop.

In France was Remy and Emile.  I stopped for that picture.

photo 2
One of my favorite things about the Maleficent costume was my shadow. Since it was dark out I got to run looking at this most of the time. Pretty fun 🙂

photo 2

I stopped for a selfie in front of Spaceship Earth.

photo 1

I finished the 5k as it was starting to rain a little.  Outside in the family reunion area was Donald Duck, Chip and Dale, Mickey and Pluto for photos.

photo 2

I earned myself this fun little piece of race bling.

photo 2

Next up, the 10k tomorrow for the 2nd of 4 races of the Dopey Challenge, followed by the half marathon Saturday and the full marathon Sunday.

photo 1

 Who else ran the Disney Fun Run 5k?  Did you have a good time?


  1. My Virtual Mission | 9th Jan 14

    LOVE THE COSTUME!! The shadow it casts is equally amazing. Looks like you had a wonderful time. Look forward to reading about the rest of your challenge.

    • Half Crazy Mama | 10th Jan 14

      Thank you 🙂

  2. Cyndie | 9th Jan 14

    Your shadow picture is AMAZING!!! Question, when you stop during the race for photo-ops, do you just hand your phone to someone to take the pic? Or are there photogs there? I’m headed to my first Run Disney race next week! #TinkHalf

    • Half Crazy Mama | 10th Jan 14

      All the characters have someone there that can take a photo with your phone or camera for you and most also have a race photographer, but the race photographers cost and arm an a leg for each photo. It isn’t through Disney. Just an FYI 😉

  3. Tfnyblugrl23 (Erica) | 10th Jan 14

    Your costume looked great! Especially the shadow pic. I take it for a lot it’s more fun/important to stop and take pcs with the characters than actually run? Or is that more the case for the shorter races?

    Can’t wait to see how your Minnie race goes.

  4. Twins RUN | 10th Jan 14


  5. Valerie | 15th Jan 14

    The 5k was super fun. I did stop for the Dopey photo and ended up waiting over 15 minutes. I think I was the final walkers approaching as I ran away from Dopey. I’m glad I did it though, since I was too tired and just eager to finish by the time I saw Dopey on the marathon course on Sunday.

  6. Amanda Tinney | 15th Jan 14

    Fantastic race costume! Way to get out there and rock it! Angelina Jolie stunt double right there…only better looking. I look forward to reading your other Dopey Challenge Race Recaps

    • Half Crazy Mama | 15th Jan 14

      AWWWW thank you!!! You just made my whole day!!! 🙂 lol

  7. Jennifer @ The Final Forty | 15th Jan 14

    AWESOME! I LOVE your costume! I was one of the insane people to wait in line for a picture with Dopey…it took 20 minutes!

    • Half Crazy Mama | 15th Jan 14

      20 min! Wow that is a long time!!

  8. Melissa Sissom | 8th Oct 15

    Love the costume! Where did you get the headpiece?

    • Half Crazy Mama | 8th Oct 15

      I randomly found it at a Cirque Du Soleil show store in Las Vegas 🙂

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