Dear Lily, Happy 6th Birthday Little Monkey!

Dear Lily,

Happy 6th Birthday my Little Monkey!  The world is a better place with you in it.  Your laugh is infectious.  You are so kind and a good friend.  You give the best cuddles and I am so proud of you.

10458133_881710871859282_6299565132895190342_nYou constantly surprise me with your drive to try new sports and activities and your tenacity with which you tackle life.  12360043_946481218781526_478303365946959575_nYou came into this world little and tiny, but no one would ever guess that now.  IMG_8555I think your love of life comes from your tiny start in this world.  At 3lbs 15ozs you had to fight extra hard for everything, but you did it and did it overwhelmingly well. IMG_6164After you lost your birth weight and got down to 3lbs 6ozs the NICU nurses started to explain how feeding tubes worked, I think to prep me for the fact that they were sure you would need one being so tiny and all, but you didn’t.  You were tenacious from the get go.  You ate, slept, pooped, and screamed like a champ!

IMG_6152I was always amazed at what my teeny tiny little baby was capable of.  You were determined to get on with your life and show this place what you were made of.  12360101_957000457729602_6969780775426013664_nYou only spent 13 days in that NICU and came home weighing a whopping 4lbs 6ozs.  I was a little intimidated with such a little baby, but nothing intimidated you. FullSizeRenderToday you are smart and beautiful inside and out.  Watching you dance fills my heart.  12115960_910543549041960_8518971682859827024_n-1Listening to you explain things to me in ways that are beyond your years is amazing.  12122523_910641365698845_533720691065929296_nYou have are so funny, goofy, silly, and full of life in a GREAT way.  Never let anyone make you feel like you need to be a follower. You are very good at being a leader and marching to your own drummer. 10462717_948184361944545_6543074272915933648_nI love you so much and I am so grateful that I get to be your mom on this amazing journey called life. Keep it up little Lily Beanz! The world is yours for the taking 🙂





  1. Norma Jeani dance | 25th Mar 16

    Happy Bitthday to the little monkey! And to you for giving birth to her! What a blessing she is to have a mom empower her daughter like this! Bless you!!

    • Half Crazy Mama | 25th Mar 16

      Aww thank you SO MUCH! Have a beautiful weekend 🙂

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